Thank you all for your prayers and cards. I should have listened to my mother and acted my age not my shoe size! Last Saturday I decided to take advantage of the 90 degree weather after the 4 pm Mass and take a scooter ride on the new Red Line trail. The scooter choose not to cooperate with me as it lunged forward and I fell (Darn scooter). I had some nuts and bolts put in my wrist on Friday and it should heal quickly according to the doctor. I’m going to take mom’s advice seriously from now on and stick to walking  it’s safer.

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Pastor's Reflections

I am entitling my remarks this week ‘updates.’ I want to keep everyone informed on what’s going on. First, our pipe organ. I am happy to say we reached most of our goal from fundraising and secured a substantial grant from the Kulas Foundation. The contract is in process of being signed by myself and the Bishop. Work is set to begin in October this year. The organ pipes will be removed entirely from the walls upstairs along with the organ console for a period of 5 months. It will be taken back to the Holtkamp Organ Factory here in Cleveland. They are the original builders of the instrument. It will be refurbished and installed by Holy Week, 2022. It is a big undertaking but well worth the money and wait. In the meantime, I am looking to rent an organ to temporarily install in our church somewhere downstairs (it would be a needless expense to have an organ lifted up in the choir loft for just a few months, then hoisted down). We will still continue to have Mass, Weddings, and funerals for the five months our organ is out for repairs/renovation and an organ would be in line to assist in our worship. Second, we are working diligently on our festival this year, ‘Half Way to Dyngus Day.’ We have secured Lenny Gomulka for the evening and we will be sampling a more stream lined dinner menu next week with the festival committee. We will let you know the menu once we decide. Please mark your calendars for this fun evening of food, entertainment, and fellowship OCTOBER 16th. Third, our Saint Anthony statue is due back very soon. All the candle soot, debris and grime is gone. He will have a fresh look with a more ‘natural’ color tone. We want to continue next with St. Theresa and are looking for financial donors to help us continue to clean and paint our statues. Each statue will cost $1,300.00. We are repainting the stands they are on and will be installing granite tops to the stands so they will look more presentable and in order with their function. Watch for St. Anthony to return soon! Fourth, I am securing bids for the renovation, plaster, and painting of our church where water has damaged the inside. It’s quite extensive and expensive. The bids are ranging in the area of $325,000.00. We have two secured at present and are awaiting a third which is required by the Diocese. I have been in touch with the Diocesan insurance office seeing what might be covered by our insurance. They assured me a portion would be covered but the exact number is unknown until the third bid comes in. I will let you know everything once I know myself. Thank you all for your continued financial support and generosity. It makes us who we are  proud Catholics of our parish, St. John Cantius! Fr. Roach