Wearing a facial covering is NOT an option.  It is REQUIRED by local and state regulations.  If you choose not to wear a mask then your only option is to remain home and watch Mass on television or the internet.  These are difficult times and a facial covering should not be a subject of debate.  Fr. Roach

tax contribution statements

If you file tax and need a copy of your yearly 2020 parish contributions, we ask you to fill out the portion below and deposit it in the collection basket. We ask if you could please utilize email (pdf) as your first choice or picking up the statement at the rectory or we can bring it to Mass with a phone call. The most expensive and unrliable way is US Mail (many of are just now receiveing our Christmas cards).  

2020 Financial Statement Request


Name _____________________________________

Address ___________________________________

Email _____________________________________

Phone _____________________________________

Email: _____ Pick Up:______ US Mail: _____ (Remember if you choose pick up, please call the rectory to arrange a time/day OR we can bring your statement to one of the Sunday Masses for you)

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent beginning Friday February 19th, we will pray the Stations of the Cross followed by Mass. Stations and Mass will be every Friday in Polish at 10 AM and at 6:30 PM in English. Please join us this Lent to enrich your walk with the Lord each week during His most sorrowful passion, the Way to His

Pastor's Thoughts

Let me begin by thanking everyone for your generous contributions to Catholic Charities. It is easy to criticize a charitable organization especially if you have never been in need of charity. I assure you, Catholic Charities fulfills the need for so many in our diocese that are in need. Thank you! Stations of the cross and Mass have been cancelled for Fridays  during  Lent  (6:30  pm)  due  to  a  lack  of attendance. We WILL continue Mass and stations at 10:00  am  in  Polish  every  Friday  during  Lent  (last Friday there were 4 in attendance for the 10 AM Polish Mass/Stations). I am going to  continue to have stations of the cross following our 11:30 am Mass on Sunday as we did this past weekend. The attendance went from 2 attendees to 36 simply by making it more convenient on a Sunday right  after our regularly scheduled  Mass. Please consider remaining an extra 15 minutes after the 11:30 Masses during Lent to pray with us this Lent, the way our Savior walked to His death. On Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis delivered a homily at St. Peter’s Basilica that really helped explain the need for conversion now more than ever in the lives of every single person. It begins by acknowledging our weakness and sins and seeking Reconciliation back to our Jesus. Below  is  an  excerpt  from  the  Holy  Father’s  Ash Wednesday homily. It meant a lot to me as I read it.. “But we can ask ourselves: how do we then proceed on our journey back to God? We can be guided by return journeys described in the word of God. We can think of the prodigal son and realize that, for us too, it is time to return  to  the  Father.  Like  that  son,  we  too  have forgotten  the  familiar  scent  of  our  home,  we  have squandered a precious inheritance on paltry things and have ended up with empty hands and an unhappy heart. We have fallen down, like little children who constantly fall, toddlers who try to walk but keep falling and need, time and time again, to be picked up by their father. It is the Father’s forgiveness that always sets us back on our feet. God’s forgiveness Confession is the first step on our return journey. In speaking of Confession, I ask confessors to be like fathers, offering not a rod but an embrace. We then need to return to Jesus, like the leper who, once cured, returned to give him thanks.” Fr. Roach 

2021 Catholic Charities Appeal

The Bible in a Year

The 2021 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal is underway this weekend with an in pew commitment Process taking place this weekend. Your support of the Appeal helps us to carry out the mission that Jesus entrusted to us: I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brother’s of mine, you did for me.Please consider a generous gift that will change the lives of the 400,000 who are served each year in Northeast Ohio. Please pray for the success of the Appeal, which provides for essential programs and services in need throughout al eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland.

If you’ve struggled to read the Bible, this podcast is for you.  Ascension’s Bible in a Year Podcast, hosted by Fr. Mike Schmitz and featuring Jeff Cavins, guides Catholics through the Bible in 365 daily episodes starting January 1st, 2021. 

Each 20-25 minute episode includes:

  • two to three scripture readings 

  • a reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz

  • and guided prayer to help you hear God’s voice in his Word.

Unlike any other Bible podcast, Ascension’s Bible in a Year Podcast for Catholics follows a reading plan inspired by the Great Adventure Bible Timeline®  learning system, a groundbreaking approach to understanding Salvation History developed by renowned Catholic Bible teacher Jeff Cavins.  Tune in and live your daily life through the lens of God’s word!

You can listen to Ascension's Bible in a Year Podcast for Catholics by visiting  You can also download Ascension's Bible in a Year Podcast using your favorite podcast app.

Organ Restoration

I am happy to report that so many have generously responded to the organ restoration fund. We now have $151,000.00. Our goal is $224,000.00. Were almost there! Please start saving your loose change as my grandmother always said, “Penny’s Make Dollars.” We will begin a second collection at all our Masses for any loose change or moneys you may have. It all adds up. I am confident we will soon meet our goal. Fr. Roach