We  have  secured Lenny  Gomulka  for  the  evening  and  we  will  be sampling a more stream lined dinner menu next week with the festival committee. We will let you know the menu once we decide. Please mark your calendars for this fun evening of food, entertainment, and fellowship OCTOBER 16th. 


Two weeks ago we held our get together with the parish council, finance council, and the other heads of various committees of past festivals. It was unanimous that a two day event and a 34 course dinner was clearly beyond our resources at this. Jason Zapisek from our parish council came up with idea of a one day event and call it, “Half Way to Dyngus Day.” We decided upon October 16th as we looked through other festivals that weekend. The entire committee was for the idea as October gives us more time, it’s not a holiday weekend, and  the  connection  with  the  Polish  celebration  of Dyngus Day was a great idea. We all agreed that the idea of any get together should be first and foremost a focus upon getting together as a parish family and have fun. The recent sale of our convent has put the parish in a relatively good financial position and because of so many of us have been inside for so long, the idea of ‘fun’ seemed to supersede any idea of a “fund raiser!’ We will have food but something we can handle given the often lack of resources and volunteers. We will have some sort of ethnic Polish band, some gambling, games, bar with a possible beer garden tent outside to help welcome the Saturday night Tremont crowd to let them see and to know that St. John Cantius is open, alive, welcoming,  and  able  to  have  a  good  time.  It  was unanimous that if we do a beer garden, it be placed in the front of our parking lot closest to Professor Ave. and have the gates wide open for all visitors More news will follow as the committee have now been divided up into smaller groups to discuss the various needs of such an event (music, food, games etc). Thank you to all who attended the meeting and shared their great ideas with us. I am convinced it will be a great Saturday celebration for the parish, neighborhood, and the return of many of our school alumni. Fr. Roach